Wednesday, June 22, 2016

unity - Community Night of Worship

Unity = the state of being united or joined as a whole.

This is what we experienced at Crossroads last night.

As pastors linked arms and prayed, as we learned about Light Our City, an opportunity to serve our community together, and as we lifted our voices in worship - we stood unified in Christ.

My devotions today said this, "Christianity is even stronger than a bloodline, it's a Christ-line we all share.  It is what makes the Church body a family."

Acts 2:44 "All the believers were together and held all things in common" 4:32 that they were of one heart and mind"...unity!

I was so thankful for the church leaders that sacrificed time this week to be part of the Community Night of Worship at Crossroads Tuesday night, what a demonstration of how walls can break down and we can stand as one!

Community pastors standing united

The crowd starting counting down the countdown - they were excited to worship!

So thankful for this young man that stepped in when someone had to cancel.
His spoken word was amazing!

I loed this shot of Darin our drummer, & Shawn our bass guy just having fun!

Our Crossroads praise team was such a great part of the night!

As I stood at the back and shot this picture I imaged being together with these brothers and sisters for all of eternity!

Our amazing GoMissions team - worked to explain our Crossroads' Light Our
City grocery shop event and sold shirts!

Stephen and Milo

Brandi and Jon

Crystal, Matt and Kristin

Jocelyn and Josiah

Milo, Dan and Adam

Everyone came prepared to worship together and to bring 'light' to our beloved community!

And we left saying, "It was good to be in the house of the Lord"!

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