Monday, June 27, 2016

weekend report

One thing about Crossroads Community Church that no one can argue about is that things constantly change!  And I LOVE change - I love new challenges and opportunities to 'figure out' how to make something new work!  And this weekend was no exception - a new addition!

Crossroads welcomed the Taylor family to our ministry this weekend - and what a blessing they are going to be to us!  Their love for the Lord is evident from the moment you speak to them - and nothing encourages me more then to see a family that worships together, serves together and values 'the church' equalling.  Although there are certainly exceptions to this, it just helps you to be 'fully in' when your family stands with you unified in the calling!

Doug will serve as our Communities Discipleship Pastor.  We're dedicated to a commitment to really provide our congregation with opportunities to do life in a smaller community or class setting, to grow in the Lord together and to become a tight-knit community in the Him!

Our worship was great as always and it warmed my heart to see several of the young adults on stage that our senior worship leaders have poured in to,  giving them opportunity to lead!  We have a fabulous praise team and one of the things that make it that way is the multiple generations on stage together. We believe if our goal isn't to mentor and raise up the next generations - then our leadership has failed!  It takes a commitment to welcome and support all generations using all of their various life-experience, spiritual maturity and musical ability mixed together to give glory to our Lord!  Very exciting!

Worshipping and leading our congregation so well!

Jocelyn making announcements

The old song Turn, Turn, Turn - set up the study on Ecclesiastes beautifully

Brandon is one of our videographers on staff - welcome to the praise team!

Even on a beautiful summer weekend our congregation was faithful in their attendance!

Our Setlist:

Announcements:  Global Leadership Summit  (click her to register)- Jocelyn Nicolas

King of My Heart
One Thing Remains
Come Lord Jesus (Even so Come)
Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)
Special Music:  Turn, Turn, Turn
Message:  Pt. 1 - Ecclesiastes - Lead Pastor Dave Vance
Exit Song:  Turn, Turn, Turn

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Thanks for reading - may God richly bless your week!

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