Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter looks like this

As we began to work on Easter, the smallest things caught my attention. And they didn't look much like Easter in the beginning.

As I worked in the auditorium Monday at Crossroads, other people were in and out, serving those who will attend this weekend simply by using their talents.  I marveled at how valuable each contribution was. This look of Easter was much different than what most people see.
pieces and parts waiting to be formed into something beautiful

I watched one lady quietly spraying the handles of the auditorium doors making sure that no germs or dirty finger prints were anywhere to be seen.   And others will soon join in to help with the endless job of cleaning all the glass windows at Crossroads... 

I watched as the sweeper was carefully aimed beneath each seat, and between the aisles where somewhere close to 2,000 people's feet had walked just days before.  The feet of people gathering to hear the Word of God.

I saw light bulbs replaced, and trash hauled out and programs prepared and new table tents advertising our pastor's next teaching series be placed with great care around Crossroads.

This is what Easter looked like yesterday... and then today it began to take a different shape as rehearsals began and the team encouraged and cheered one another on.

What started out as ideas found on-line, or suggestions tucked away for months in folders began to come alive, as if the Lord Himself breathed life into the process.  All of us believing the careful preparation of this temporary building and the details within - could somehow be used of the Lord to help remove the distractions of disorder - so a new life could be redeemed for Christ.

It was almost too much to take in...

As you come to worship this weekend, picture each hand that touched the places that surround you, and know they did it because we all love you and care desperately about your relationship with the Risen Christ of Easter.

Please join me in praying for all of those who will come this weekend!

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