Sunday, March 15, 2015

weekend report

Oh what a weekend we had in the House of the Lord called Crossroads!

As Pastor Dave talked about Peter and Jesus' eyes locking following Peter's denial of the Lord, I pictured all the times in my own life I've sinned and so denied Him.  I could picture those eyes and I knew again the immense grace only He can offer me.

The worship was so amazing and I cherished the time this weekend that I got to spend talking with my friends.  The opportunity to do life with all of my brothers and sisters who I will spend all of eternity with just takes my breath away...  it was so good.

Our setlist:

Because He Lives

Announcements on video

Lord I Need You
Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)
All He Says I Am

Message:  Pt. 3: The Betrayal/Denial

Brokenness Aside
Pastoral Prayer
Brokenness Aside concluded

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Have a blessed week!

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