Tuesday, March 10, 2015

what I learned today

I've been away from writing a lot lately.   And probably for those precious faithful readers, you'll feel like another 'what I learned today' is the same as always, but what can I say?   I'm a slow learner!

Things like vacations without internet and grandsons I love to focus on...and oh yeah 4 days in bed sick have occupied my last few days.

But, man oh man, God is so good and I woke up today feeling like I miss Him.  Guess what?   He didn't go anywhere - it's always me.

It's shameful the 'things' that I allow to distract me from the personal worship of the Savior being my highest priority.  Today I don't want to 'settle' outside of true eternal joy!

This is what Piper says about 'settling', "we have accustomed ourselves to such meager, short-lived pleasures that our capacity for joy has shriveled".

I feel as if this sentence so perfectly describes especially our American lifestyle, better than any other description I've read.

We settle for all these earthly things occupying all of our time...and we miss true fellowship with God, true worship.

Today may my life be full of Holy Worship in all I say and do and think.  Longing, EVER longing to know Him intimately and to have every part of my life changed for others to see.  The evidence of true conversion!


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