Tuesday, March 10, 2015

weekend report

I was thankful to feel well enough to be back at Crossroads this last weekend!   You don't appreciate your health until you stay in bed a few days.  

Pastor Dave continued the Last 24 - series with an amazing message about Jesus "In the Garden"...so powerful!

So many things changing at Crossroads, this week our radio ministry begins as we prepare to 'reach outside these walls'...God opportunities are pouring in!

Our setlist:

Announcements on video:   2 of my favorite announcement ladies kicked our service off bringing us up to date on all that's going on!  Thanks Nadine and Ruby!!

Jesus Only Jesus
All My Fountains
In The Garden (There is None Like You)
My Heart is Yours

Pastor Prayer - Pastor Dave

Message:  Pt. 2: The Garden

Exit song: In the Garden...

To watch our services go to crossroadswired.com

To see what other ministries used in their worship services go to theworshipcommunity.com

Have a blessed week!

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