Wednesday, March 11, 2015

working on Easter

I just finished writing the video revisions to our Easter videos that are in the process of being prepared.

My ultimate goal is to have every part of our service to be God-honoring and to be used to bring understanding about who Jesus is to those who attend.  In order for that to happen, we must work as hard as possible to eliminate any mistake or lack of excellence.

As I typed out words that I needed removed from the video and images I need slowed down and speeded up, I wondered if the Lord is pleased with our work.  I wondered if the Lord needs our work?

The fact that He has chosen to use us to 'create' services to lead the lost to Him is crazy!  He could have just chosen whom He wanted leaving no part to play for any of us.

Instead, he uses us to create things like services and the details those require, with rehearsals and weeks of preparation and evaluation.  And he uses volunteers who carefully clean the church, and make the coffee and teach the children and greet and park the people.  All so they can see Him through us.  Amazing.

We are just 3 weeks away now, time is moving quickly like always.

Will you play your part in the preparations by inviting lost friends and relatives?

Will you hold every detail of things being prepared in prayer asking the Savior of the Universe to reveal Himself to many at Crossroads this year?

I cannot wait to see Him touch this place....

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