Sunday, April 5, 2015

weekend report - Easter

Wow - how did it get to be this time of the year again already?   And now it's over.  Did your Easter services make a difference?

That's what I find myself thinking about this evening.

The preparation was intense, the work was long - did it make a difference?

God promises His words will 'never return to Him void' - God explains that when the rain and snows come to the earth it replenishes the earth.  It's impossible for it not to be used in this way when it falls.   That's exactly what God promises about His Word.

So we worked, and tweaked and prayed and then shared God's message through teaching, and singing and reading His words.   And people came - a lot of them came.

I'm feeling blessed and thankful tonight - and I believe based on the cards people turned in - that lives changed for eternity this weekend.   There is no reason beyond that needed to motivate us to work hard and prepare well and stand back and marvel at how He uses the gifted areas of our lives to present the Gospel to the lost.  It was an amazing weekend!

View from the back of the stage
Darrin the Drummer - so good!

Me and my kids - Eric and Jocelyn ready for Easter!
The brass had a tough one - and they did it!!

Our Setlist:

2 promo videos:  Danny Gokey concert and our next teaching series UNSTOPPABLE

Creation - Crucifixion Video

Man of Sorrows

1st Teaching:  Chaos - Pastor Dave Vance

Nothing But the Blood

2nd Teaching:  Resurrection/Risen One - Pastor Dave Vance


In Christ Alone
Because He Lives
Man of Sorrows

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