Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What I heard today

It happened again today - this time in the hair salon I heard a girl say, "we just knew God called us to start this"...

Really? For sure?

They left their church with another couple and a staff member to start another church.   And she was so excited that they had 15 people.

Really? For sure?

It scares me how often I hear "I'm called" as the platform to start something someone wants to do.

I'm sure there have been times God has worked this way but I find little evidence in His Word of this.  I watch as people just decide their called to do something where no need exists beyond personal dissatisfaction with their current circumstance.

I understand this sounds very judgmental - I'm simply stating what I heard again today and describing the disappointment that filled my soul at the ease with which people leave things in the name of our Lord.

I think we may all perhaps be surprised some day when He reveals what 'being called' really means.

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