Monday, August 5, 2013

Today so far

So far today we've held children who once were hopeless, we saw the beautiful new sewing center that didn't exist a year ago where our girls are learning to sew, we listened to the children sing one of the songs that Jocelyn and Aaron helped them write and record last year - a song whose lyrics were written  by the children, we purchased beautiful handcrafted jewelry made by some of our rescued young men who are being trained to be silversmiths', visited an exclusive private school that some of the Asia's Hope children tested high enough to attend, and ate at a great local resturant started by an American determined to teach local young adults how to cook for foreigners.  It's been amazing already.

Out team is resting now and then will take all the house parents on the entire Asia's Hope campus out to eat.  It's always been very important to the Crossroads GoMissions team that we treat everyone on campus - not just our own church's homes.  The parents are very excited for a night out with us!

These people work night and day to care for the children and seldom get time to themselves as a couple, so it's our privilege to serve them in this way.

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