Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Above the sun it still called a sunrise when you wake up in the plane and it looks like you're above the sun?

This morning after traveling through the night I opened my eyes to a brilliant sun filled sky - and it immediately evoked worship! Breath-taking!

Traveling this far away kind of feels like you're somewhat upside down!  It's difficult to keep things straight in your mind  and remember what day it is and where you are.  But, within the confusion I find freedom and I hope I'm ready to re-enter the pace of home.

This trip has been a blessing - I loved the team more than I can say and I feel like we got to know the house parents and children so much more.  We got to meet some needs in their homes and surprised them with gifts and promised to return as soon as we could.  

The thing I love about visiting the kids of Asia's Hope is this, it feels like a direct investment in eternity.

I'm not sure it's as easy to know you've made a difference in America.  I understand The Lord calls us to faithfully serve whether we get to see the fruits of our labor or not, but man, when you KNOW the last 2 weeks of your life FOR SURE made a difference - 

that's a blessing straight from heaven...Above the sun!

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