Friday, August 23, 2013

hiding in my office

Tonight we are hosting the Jonathan Nelson concert at Crossroads.   In addition to Jonathan performing, there are other local and semi-local churches participating.

The sound checks have been amazing and the front doors just opened, so the preparation phase has come to an end.  Now we wait for the actual event to happen.

I am currently hiding in my office.  Door locked, blind down, ice coffee on table.

I just need to be alone for a few minutes.

I LOVE hosting events like this.  I love to problem solve, I love to make a big deal over caring for people, I love to be asked 5 questions at once, and I love to watch the chaos slowing fade away as the finished product emerges from among the mess.

Outside all the activity connected to the concert the really strange thing about today has been the other people that have stopped by Crossroads.

I happened to be standing out front when two gentlemen came from an out of town church to look at our auditorium flooring.  They recently had devastating flooding in their church and are considering the type of carpet squares that we have in their newly renovated building.  I enjoyed talking with them and helping them.

Next a pastor from a new church plant from out of town, stopped in to check out Crossroads as a possible church for his local daughter and her husband.  I had the privilege of walking him all around our building and giving him material about Crossroads.  He loved the church and said he'll be back on a Saturday and will tell his kids all about us!  I love doing this!

As I sit in the momentary silence I marvel at the God opportunities I have had today.

I have absolutely NO IDEA, how I got the privilege of overseeing these kinds of events - I love this, I'll never forget the things I got to be part of here at Crossroads, and I pray this is just the beginning of amazing relationships with other local churches and sisters and brothers in our community!

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