Friday, August 9, 2013


Another day is drawing to an end in Battangbam.  Surrounded by laughter and dancing and children every where I found a couple of hours to be alone with my daughter.

We shopped for household goods and gifts and talked non-stop.  We went back to where she and her hubby will live and cleaned and set up her kitchen, I was so thankful for this time together.

It seems like yesterday she was tiny, following me everywhere I went singing at the top of her lungs unafraid of what anyone might think.

She's still that way - unafraid, determined and confident.   And soon the greatest opportunity, in my opinion, of her life will begin.  To take God's message of hope and love to an unloved area of the world. An area even today bracing for political unrest and expected uprisings as the result of the latest election.

I couldn't be more proud of the calling on her and her husband's life.  I know it's of God and that He wants them there.  Even this week they've had additional job offers and opportunities they knew nothing about when they left America last week.  It takes my breath away.

We are called to raise our children to release them, not hold onto them.  I'm still learning this and will continue.

I'm watching her now across the room and can see her as a little girl again...but today I walked the dusty streets of Cambodia with a grown woman of God, a woman who can teach me far
more than I ever taught her.

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