Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Starting right

Our team is currently sharing devotions as the perfect start to our day.  I'm surrounded by my brothers and sisters.  We are men and women who will spend eternity together...forever because of Jesus sacrifice.  

It's a blessing beyond description to be with people whose treasures line up with yours, who long to be used of God- I love this and I need this...

Today we are talking about the 10-40 window , the longitude and latitude location on earth of the people who are still largely lost - uneducated about The Lord.  To be sitting right in the middle of that location is so humbling.  God knew from the beginning of time that WE would be sitting here right here right now.  He knew we would be hand picked by Him to bring his message and share His love with these once orphaned children.

Among the evil here, we read His Word in our cabana - loudly.  "Holy, holy holy, The Lord God almighty... And I hear the voice of The Lord saying - 'who will go...'

And we say - 'we will'.  Crossroads, you are here, here in one of the darkest places on earth.

Thank you for allowing us to represent you here, for allowing us to hug the kids you support, for responding every time there is a need revealed.  This is the Church.

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