Thursday, November 1, 2012

birthday shopping

Had a blast today with my mom and sister shopping for mom's birthday.

We've started this tradition of shopping and buying mom's gifts while we are with her, letting her pick them out instead of just picking things out ourselves and wrapping them.

We found a number of things along the way today, 75% off bead store going out of business, jewelry displays for our February silent auction, Christmas ornaments, thrift store bargains and a beautiful new purse for mom!

At one point today, during one of our many conversations something prompted me to begin thanking her for "how amazing she is".  We thanked her for how easy to get along with that she is, how she NEVER interferes in any of our business, how willing she has always been to help us and how she NEVER complains about anything!  We just took the opportunity (while we had her stuck in the car with us) to thank her for who she is!

It was a good day ending with Cheese Cake and pictures at Easton.  A perfect ending to a wonderful day!

God is good and my mom is a blessing straight from Him!

Happy birthday mom!

Eric and Alyssa joined us for dinner.

The 3 tired shoppers!

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