Thursday, November 8, 2012

caught on camera

As my hubby was flipping through movie titles tonight, I saw the title "Caught on Camera".  That sent chills down my spine.

Can you imagine being watched and filmed and not knowing it?  TERRIFYING!

Then I wondered, why should that scare me?  If I wasn't doing anything wrong who cares if someone watches.

So... I must stick it to me...Do I live EVERY moment as if I believe that God sees everything I do?   Absolutely, positively NOT!

I can think of several things I wouldn't have done today if I had actually been considering whether it was God honoring or not.  Nothing shameful in the eyes of the world,  just lazy stuff and a couple inconsiderate things.  I didn't live fully as if I were living for the King of Kings.

So what did your day look like?  Would you have been embarrassed if caught on camera?

Let's live as if we really believe He walks beside us.

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