Tuesday, November 6, 2012

HE knows no chaos

As I have talked to some friends and family about their experiences voting today it has really made me uneasy.  In one case a gentleman (I'm being kind) came in to a polling place where my daughter was voting and was totally disruptive and rude and yelling "how do I just vote for all democrats, what are these issues about? "  They very patiently explained they were not allowed to read or try to explain issues to anyone lest they be accused of influencing people.  You can about guess how that went over.

Anyway, I have just been somewhat tense all day, trying not to worry lest I show my Heavenly Father I really don't trust Him to be sovereign.  I also did not want to be guilty of doing what Pastor Tim taught us not to do last week, it doesn't count as handing your concerns and prayers off to the Lord when you keep going back to check on them over and over.  We need to lay them at His feet sincerely and just trust.

I have said before I have no fear about this election, I'm just apprehensive based on behavior around me.  So I decided Turbo Kick  was exactly what I needed to take my focus off of silly people and to blow off some steam!  And I did feel so much better.

Then while at Crossroads I sat down to work while my hubby was in the Elders meeting and oh my goodness God was there.  I began to review music for the next few weekends at Crossroads and to work on our stage layouts.  I felt blessed and re-focused immediately.

As I worked my playlist moved from the song we would be performing to a version of the Lord's Prayer by Tommy Walker.  By the end I had to check to make sure I wasn't singing out loud at the Coffee House.

Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory ...Forever!   Amen!

God speaks His eternal peace if we are simply quiet enough to receive it, and tonight I gladly take it, and hold it and claim it!  HIS is the kingdom!!

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