Friday, November 9, 2012

our home was blessed

Our home was truly blessed tonight when 5 young married couples came and ate dinner with us.  It was amazing to sit back and just watch them get to know one another and discuss marriage, and cars, and pets and life in general.

They blessed our house!

I count it such a privilege to know all of these young men and women and I look forward to years of doing life together in our homes and in ministry.

I am extremely tired so I will say goodnight.  But let me leave you with this thought.

If you currently aren't involved in a house church, volunteer ministry team or Crossroads group or CLASS, you really should find one to become involved in.  Attending Crossroads on the weekend and then just going back home is not enough to truly connect you.  It is very rewarding to serve and spend your time investing in one another.

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