Saturday, November 10, 2012

looking good on the outside

You may think by my title I am referring to something that physically looked good, not at all!

Tonight at Crossroads  we had a service that looked good, but for those of us involved behind the scenes it was anything but!

Don't get me wrong the Spirit was there as Pastor Tim presented a tremendous message and as people moved forward for prayer at the end of the service- it was a blessing.  But a wild scramble was happening backstage!

Our worship leader added a song earlier today that Pastor didn't know about, so he came up a song early which caused the band to leave the stage earlier than planned and the tech to scramble to get Pastor's sound up, EP screen changes and recordings started.  Our team ROCKS!!

And the way it went down was WAY better than what we had planned.

God is sovereign and in charge and amazing!  He knew how it needed to be and exactly how it would be, whether we planned it that way or not!

So blessed to be part of this team!

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