Thursday, November 29, 2012

what is my motivation

As we move closer to Christmas and I see the details starting to fall into place, I have a chance to take a step back and examine my motivation.  What drives me in this process?

To produce a quality presentation?
To be seen as creative?
To create something truly unique?
To tell the same story differently then previous years?

Is my drive to accomplish pushed by a frantic desire to reach as many unchurched people in our community as possible?  Do I even think of them as I work?

I do think of them.  But I want to do more than think.  I want to wake up at night haunted by the thought of the lost perishing - everyday driven to proclaim the name of Christ until our community knows Him!

My motivation will be to proclaim the name of Christ in every decision that's made, in every creative aspect, and in every word that's spoken.   Then will my motivation stand blameless before Almighty God!

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