Tuesday, July 13, 2010

what I learned today

Time is fleeting.

Nothing new, but a whole new meaning for us.

My parents have chosen to miss a rather important event in order to be with our family when we go to Cedar Point. The reason? To quote my dad, "We took one Wednesday each summer since our kids were little to spend a day together at Cedar Point. And this may be the last time we are together with Jocelyn since she is getting married."

We all sat together last night and had a feast of Ohio's summer produce goodness and we just tasted and talked. Tasted of God's provision of delightful seasonal foods and tasted of a deep fellowship and a bond that will never be broken no matter who gets married, or no matter who is added to the family or taken away.

I was reminded again last night that time is fleeting and I BEG you all to live everyday fully. Do NOT remain in bitterness or choose to stay in abandonment. Even if you have been betrayed by a friend or family member you can choose to remain there or to walk out of that place into forgiveness and peace. It doesn't depend on another person - just you.

I learned today that the process of saying goodbye is actually sweet when relationships are at peace and you set aside time to taste deeply of God's goodness and simple things.

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