Sunday, July 11, 2010


Water bottles in ice - fresh coffee made - donuts on the table outside the greenroom. Important details to keep our volunteers appreciated.

But, as I sat in my office early this morning I thought of all the people God will be bringing to Crossroads this morning. People experiencing all kinds of difficulties as well as victories. People from every area of our county, people from different backgrounds, people with families and people alone. People seeking God.

We worked this week to prepare well. We prayed this week for God's anointing on this place this weekend. And now we wait.

What kind of life change will occur? Who will for the first time understand how the scripture written so long ago directly applies to their life?

We may never hear a single story, yet we prepare diligently because each of us feels this is what God has called us to do. Sometimes God simply asks us to be ready, to prepare, then we just step away as He works in lives in ways we never imagined! Just knowing that motivates me in ways that years of preparing cannot dull. Prepare well this week for whatever God has put in your life!

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