Monday, July 5, 2010

my day off

I am pretty sure we crammed as much into one day as we possibly could!

So much fun including teaching our daughter, her buddy Bethany and my sister how to make pies. We baked fresh blueberry, peach and cherry. (Yes Tim, cherry) So much fun, so much mess and 3 beautiful - first time pies!

After this activity ended we had more of the college group trickling in - eventually gathering around a bonfire to roast hotdogs, marsh mellows and finally bug bitten they are currently inside our kitchen talking while we are sitting on the deck.

As I sit here thanking God for all my blessings I am thinking back over the weekend - it was nearly as perfect as any weekend can be!

Pies, balloons, snuggling in blankets waiting for fireworks, sunglasses at night because of the 'rockets red glare'...Here are some of our friends, family and the beautiful things we enjoyed!

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