Friday, July 2, 2010

a daughter's words

My daughter Jocelyn is many things. A committed follower of Jesus Christ with spiritual understanding that puts those of us twice her age to shame at times. She is extremely talented in many areas; musician, vocalist, extraordinary athlete, committed to family, excellent friend, obedient respectful daughter.

But, today I was moved by her words. She is a very, very gifted journalist and creative writer. She just wrote about the relationship she has with her soon to be husband and the way they have survived the literal distance between them. Read her most recent blog post by clicking here: Jocelyn Biddle

I would like to comment on the distance they have overcome from my point of view.

I have watched their relationship with apprehension at times uncertain whether any relationship can survive this amount of time away from one another. This apprehension has slowly but surely been replaced by admiration for both she and her fiance Aaron.

They have developed a verbal depth that I have not seen in any other couples I have ever been around. Forced to communicate solely by speaking - they have a deep understanding and familiarity that would have taken years to foster if they had physically been together.

My husband and I began dating in high school and were together every single day until we were married. Physical closeness does not encourage communication. It can quickly become a lazy relationship - just hanging out -knowing you will see one another the next day...

I have watched them cherish each moment of face time on Skype doing devotions together, watching movies together - he in Boston she in Mansfield. Just anything they could think of to be together.

I am convinced this marriage is of God and blessed by God and has one of the strongest foundations I have witnessed.

I confess now, that in the beginning when Aaron moved to Boston my husband and I both were very sure it would never last - even though we loved Aaron.

It has not only lasted, but we feel with God's blessing will last for the rest of their lives.

They keep saying when Aaron arrives next week, "we have conquered the distance", and they truly have. It has been an extraordinary journey - and as my daughter's words explain, "she wouldn't change a thing"...and neither would I!

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