Friday, July 9, 2010

he's gone

This was the title on one of the million or so articles concerning Lebron's departure from Cleveland.

In the midst of all the burning jerseys and bobble heads I heard only one voice of reason.

I didn't catch who the reporter was but he said the following. "We should thank Lebron for leaving. Now we can actually afford to build a team!"

Superstars are a blast to watch, but they can hurt almost as much as help if they have to carry the entire team. No one can sustain leading alone. Ministry is the same, it takes a team.

We have the greatest volunteer team at Crossroads that I have ever worked with in my life! We will be honoring our volunteers this summer when we have a volunteer appreciate picnic in a couple of weeks. I cannot wait! No superstars needed, just one big ministry working together to further the Kingdom and please our Lord!

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