Thursday, July 8, 2010

my office is fuller

Love it when my office fills up.

Not with work (which is everyday), but, with my family and friends.

Today is Aaron's first full day here and much has already been accomplished! But most of all, to see how happy my daughter and he are together is so precious!

So as I was saying a full office is a sign that something is happening, hopefully that something is being accomplished and that fellowship is a possibility.

I was just sharing today with a new friend, how much I love our staff at Crossroads. How many of us do life together, not just work and how much we support and love one another...

And then I walked out and saw this. I almost went and got Dan Fleming, our worship leader, to begin mouth-to-mouth. We have known for quite some time that our Small Groups guy, Deering Dyer, is just way over worked, but ministry is tough so we all have to just push through some times!

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