Thursday, July 14, 2016

coming things

I'm very excited about coming things.

I'm emailing back and forth with Phil Wickham's guys discussing final details of an October concert at Crossroads.

While doing that I'm listening to a Gungor Christmas song that was given to me today - a beautiful piece!  It's such a beautiful song that it makes me want to work on Christmas services right now.  Instead I add that to my Christmas notes for this years' Christmas at Crossroads.

Earlier today I added our Mission partners to the list of comp tickets for the Global Leadership Summit - an incredible leadership event that will take place shortly at Crossroads.  Such an opportunity for area businesses to attend something local that features world class leadership experts!

This came just a couple hours after receiving the test results from my precious mom - her latest tests all came back just fine!

While I'm listening, and thinking and reading about these things - beautiful cardinals are playing in our trees after snacking on the suet we just put out.  It's quite extraordinary....quite extraordinary indeed.

I breathe out a final thank you to God Almighty for these coming things and worship Him in His magnificent creation.

And I pray as His nature closes it's eyes for the night, that all of you will sleep well leaning on those Everlasting Arms....

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