Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Can we live Sold Out

Is it possible to live sold out to the Lord outside of trial and trouble?

Let me confess, I'm not sure I can.

Our family has had quite a year, our country has had quite a year, our world has had quite a year...

As I've looked at the chaos readily viewable at any time of the day, it draws me right back into worry and sometimes fear so once again I lay it at the feet of my Savior and rest in Him.  A vicious cycle of trust, fear, confession and back to resting in Him.

But I see that over and over I pray the most, talk to the Lord the most when I'm in trouble or worried. When I'm in crisis or can't do it on my own...

I caught myself not long ago so completely content in just a peaceful night at home, wondering if the Lord can be glorified when I'm content,  or if it's when I'm dissatisfied and in the middle of trial and turn to Him?

I just thought I'd throw it out to you, is it possible to be Sold Out in the middle of being content? Should we ever be content?

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