Saturday, July 30, 2016

do you have too much

In Proverbs 30 we're told that God's ideal for our finances is - enough to meet our daily needs so we don't live in poverty and are tempted to steal.  But not too much or we feel no need to trust in the Lord.

How we manage our finances is important to God - it's a reflection of where our values lie.

I'll never forget one lady I loved dearly that was always so generous and showered everyone with gifts and meals and whatever she could do to show her love by giving.

I was devastated to find out in later years that she was so far in debt she couldn't even pay the interest on her charge cards!  That immediately made me regret the fact that I had ever taken anything from her.  It made me so very sad - and made me feel as if I didn't know the real her at all!

My prayer in regard to financial things is the same prayer I offer the Lord about the rest of my life, may I do nothing that would cause another to stumble.  And, may I understand that finances are a really good indicator of the condition of my heart.

Do I feel I have to impress people, leading to overspending?

Am I stingy and don't meet the needs of those who are in need?

It's interesting how there is barely a middle ground when it comes to financial things - decisions are either made with regard to honoring the Lord by tithing and giving to others FIRST or driven by greediness to keep more for ourselves and to buy whatever our hearts desire.

So back to my original question, do we have too much?  What is too much?

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