Wednesday, July 20, 2016

confessing fear again

I can't deny it, as I flip the channel away from the mess of comments and opinion connected to the ridiculous state of our countries' politics, I feel fear again.

But when I really challenge myself with 'what am I scared of', I have finally realized, it's not anything the future may hold, instead it's the regret of wasted opportunity and self-absorbed decisions I can never get back.  Words I can never change, people I may never get a chance to help again.

I read these sentences today and they really struck deep in my soul,

"I am broken in a way that often breaks the people around me. I am broken in a way that should, logically speaking, separate me from a holy God."

But He died for me.

This prevented my eternal separation.

I want to live totally unafraid of the frenzy of sin around me by keeping my eyes fixed on Him.  To stand pure before Him.

I think we may soon have the greatest opportunity of our lives to show the lost the Savior church!

Am I capable of loving my enemies?

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