Tuesday, February 2, 2016

my day off - loved ones and legos

Last night was one of my favorite nights in a while.

Our home was full of toddlers to 87 year olds and everything in between as we celebrated birthdays.  We missed our beautiful daughter Jocelyn as she lead the Cambodian mission team back home, but somehow managed to get everyone else together!  A true accomplishment!

We celebrated our son, Eric's birthday and our Son-in-Law Aaron's birthday as well as my Brother-in-Law Rob's.

As I walked upstairs and took this picture, it occurred to me that all 3 of these men are pastors.  And as the night went on the 3 of them became engaged in a lively theological discussion that was fascinating, well at least the chunks of it I caught between building lego helicopters and eating!

A living room completely full of loved ones and legos - I love my 87 yr. old dad hanging over the railing!
Pictured here:  Rob and Cristy Barlow: John and Amanda Forbes: Russell and Janice Forbes; Eric and Alyssa Biddle
with Oliver and Margot; Ron Biddle; and Colleen Gatton (I'm behind the camera)

Our son's old legos - now the property of his son Oliver!

Of course...the tutu angel was there!

If the Lord gives you extended time with family - please make very sure you stand pure before Him with your love for one another pouring forth at all times.  This is not to say that there won't be rough times perhaps - but even in those times there are choices to be made...

Will we waste this day sitting in the bitterness of yesterday?  Or will we treat it as if we may never be together again - and step into one another's lives as fully as we are able?  This choice helps us remain in the place called 'no regrets', and keeps us ready for whatever the next day holds.

Love one another...and on frustrating days, consider breaking out the Legos!

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