Sunday, January 31, 2016

weekend report

It was an amazing weekend at Crossroads Community Church! Students and Student Ministry staff and volunteers, took over everything possible at Crossroads!

It was so satisfying to watch multiple generations work together to express their love for the Lord as they worked very hard to do their best! The areas in which student or Student Ministry staff served included: worship team; technical team; some of the greeters; and other behind the scene areas such as our children's areas.

With Pastor Dave away in Cambodia - our Young Adult Pastor, Aaron Nicolas continued our Conspiracy Series by teaching us about Creativity with Excellence. It was a fascinating study and sent us all away with a better understanding of just what that means. We don't have to be what people would call 'a creative', rather we need to present everything we do with excellence to the Lord THE Creator! Creative Excellence to the best of our ability has always been one of our main values at Crossroads!
Voices lifted to the Lord - Dan is our senior worship leader.
This weekend was extra special with his granddaughter singing behind him.
Eric is our Senior High Pastor - he lead strong!

Nick and Austin - seriously talented guitarists!

2 more great voices! The future looks good at Crossroads!

Running camera is serious business, we 
had people watching our live feed clear
over in Cambodia!

The Stuckey brothers!

Rehearsal was fun! (Have I mentioned how much I love our students!?)

1 of 3 of our camera operators!

The girls at rehearsal!

Pastor Aaron Nicolas, our Young Adult Pastor!

Blueberry is extremely talented at Directing our Video production!

Dillon ran our CG which brings up all the lyrics and
the Pastor's slides - takes a ton of concentration!

Another great camera guy!

We have so much to be thankful for - I loved this weekend so much!

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