Thursday, February 25, 2016

unknown words

I  had the absolute honor of going with my hubby and taking our possible future granddaughter out to dinner tonight.

As I helped her straighten her room before bedtime, and said prayers with her, I had to wonder what unknown words had been spoken into her young life.  Words we'll never hear or know.  Words we can't explain.

We've missed few important words of our parents, siblings or our own children.  But this little one, we will just be starting from now and praying this new beginning will be easy for her, and that past words will bare no lasting scars.

Isn't it mind boggling to know that God knows every single word ever spoken into her young life? And that He's capable of using every word to help shape and form her as she becomes more familiar with this Savior.

I pray again for a smooth process, one that's perhaps fast and a transition that is best for her.

We've tried not to get hopes up too quickly because we know things change.

So we take refuge in the certainty that for this time, that we get to be the ones speaking words into her life - they are words that we were chosen to speak - by a God who created even the smallest among us.  And by a God who is allowing us to have her for this time.


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