Tuesday, April 28, 2015

leading from behind

In the beginning of Crossroads there were no rules, there was crystal clear Vision and we all jumped fully into pouring ourselves into doing anything that it took to follow the Mission, the royal why 
we were doing this.

I was reading recently that any new organization can't help but move from "unexplainable to institutional" and in some ways that's where I find myself today.  Examining what the areas I oversee have become.  A strong Godly movement can only be bogged down with too much institutional!

All of our teams still care desperately about working hard, preparing well and serving all who enter our doors, but everything on earth fossilizes as it ages and fades away.  And what I long for all of teams to be is part of a passionate movement - like the early church of the Bible.

Almost 20 years into our ministry I think all of us who have been leading for a long time need to take a step backward and lead from behind. And in the next few years all of us can push the next generation of leadership from behind to achieve what we alone cannot do.  An exciting possibility!

I believe with all my might, that a movement has begun in Mansfield Ohio, and i can't wait to see what God is up to!!

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