Monday, April 13, 2015

my day off

Yesterday afternoon included my second bike trail ride in so many days and surprisingly I don't feel too badly!  It's not called a ladies cruiser bike for nothing - we chatted happily with no pressure at all to finish at a certain time!  (meanwhile our husbands kept lapping us trying to hit some ridiculous target amount of miles for the day!)
Kimberly Fleeson and me on our Townie's
Later yesterday, we got our grandson to keep a couple of nights while his parents are vacationing.  So we have been outside as much as possible enjoying the magnificent weather.

I came across these seed pods and I was completely blown away by the exquisite detail God the creator took the time to use with this small plant branch.  They were almost spider-web-ish.
 Every time I'm with my grandson I love him more and tonight I let him lay on my bed a few minutes before transferring him to his own bed just to settle him down.

He came to bed with a little - very old matchbox truck in his hand, and I watched in wonder as he held that little truck  I thought I was watching his father.  This car had been our son Eric's, and it was as if it was 25 years ago.

This was the perfect ending to my day off!  precious fleeting time...God is so good.

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