Wednesday, April 8, 2015

my today

As I sit here in my bed ready to sleep, I'm physically exhausted but spiritually invigorated!

A young lady came to know the Lord tonight at Crossroads.  Her life changed forever, in fact for eternity, tonight!  This is why we even HAVE Crossroads - to be there for the lost - to point them to the Savior!

Another lady who came to Crossroads for the first time this past weekend, and talked for a long time with our pastors when she came back for our dessert fellowship tonight.  We hosted this for people who made decisions for the Lord Easter weekend or wanted to know more about the church.

She had NO understanding whatsoever about accepting the Lord or any of the spiritual next steps to grow closer to Him.  It was so surprising that she had been in church yet had no understanding about a personal relationship with the Savior.

I got to show a new couple around the church and as we walked they explained that their children are in High School - but, one night in the middle of the night they got a call from Georgia from a sister to come get her son.  I don't know what the circumstances were, but they got in their car and drove straight there through the night to rescue their little nephew.  Great people!

Earlier today we worked on details for the Global Leadership Summit that will simulcast into Crossroads this summer.  Soon our auditorium will be filled as many of the top local Government officials and leaders from all aspects of our community gather to be challenged to attend the Summit.  This could change Mansfield...

God has positioned us in a very special place and time here at Crossroads.   Will He use us to be a leader in our community?  Will we get to play a role in bringing unlikely people together?  I can hardly wait to see.

Please pray like never before that the Lord will open our community up to Him - that new relationships will present opportunities for Crossroads to serve even the leaders of North Central Ohio.

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