Thursday, January 22, 2015


I have often said - I'm very, very thankful for any God-fearing person willing to serve in a political office because I could never be in the political arena!

  1. Tonight I watched politicians on TV for a few minutes argue about trivial things that the average American could care less about.  It made me so sad when I know we have problems that need their attention badly.

    If you allow yourself, it's easy to get swept up in worry and frustration as we watch our beautiful, free country seemingly fall apart around us.  We are a free people that have everything the rest of the world would die to have - and still we aren't satisfied.  

    It comes as no surprise that people are still not satisfied even when the new model of 'getting without earning' is being given to them.

    We were created to work and not just to get.  

    What our country is searching for is of course something no politician can ever supply, it's a personal, satisfying, all full-filling relationship with the Lord.  Nothing this world has to offer brings lasting satisfaction or peace.

    Tonight I am praying for the "State of the Union" and all those caught up in the self-serving mire politics can become.  Our political leaders need our prayers!

    My prayer tonight is for those who need the Savior,  that they may come to know the rescue that only He provides!

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