Monday, January 5, 2015

my day off - the fast

Our ministry is doing 21 days of prayer and fasting beginning today.

As I prayed for the Lord to reveal to me what He needs me to give up it's been interesting to look at.

What I realized is for me it's more about adding not removing.  It's about practicing disciplines that I've heard about all my life but only dabbled in off and on.  My life often swallows me in it's options and opportunities and I move forward into them without regard to the deepness in Christ I may be sacrificing.

My intent is large but my focus is small.  So I quickly try things and then go on my merry way onto whatever the day holds.

So this morning I'm confessing this to the Lord and entering a time of dedicated focus, eliminating a few distractions for 21 days, reorganizing my eating which includes some elimination, but mostly entering a time I pray is rich in community with Him, and dedicated to Him and focused on Him.

I think this is a brilliant way for Pastor Dave to ask us to start a new chapter at Crossroads together as the body of Christ.  Will you join us?

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