Monday, January 12, 2015

chapter two

If there was ever any question about Pastor Dave and his family being what Crossroads needs as we
begin Chapter two, they all disappeared this weekend.

We were packed!

Praise & tech teams surrounded Pastor Dave for prayer before his first message

It was as if Pastor Dave had been here forever.

VentureThe energy and excitement was almost 'touchable'  as we watched our new pastor take the stage and begin to teach us - "Venture".  We worshipped, we learned,  we dreamed and we're ready.  What God has in store in Crossroads' Chapter two is yet to be seen, but I suspect that Chapter 2 will hold things beyond our dreams.  
It feels like a movement of the Lord - like it's much more then anything that can be contained within the walls of Crossroads, like it's something that will spill out into the streets of Mansfield and beyond.
If God chose this family to bring to us, if He is going to make Chapter 2 a time of miraculous things that we've only dreamed of - then what is our responsibility?
Prepare well:  Continue the 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting  - pray like you've never prayed before
Connect with others:  Join a House Church or volunteer in one of the many areas of Crossroads
Take the next step:  Sign up for a CLASS or commit to begin to 'give' financially - whatever that next step of spiritual growth is for you
Let's all participate, let's all take ownership and let's all move forward as one...We Are ONE!

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