Thursday, July 11, 2013


volunteer: A person who freely offers to undertake a task.

I grew up in a church, so I've always volunteered in a variety of ways.

As a child our family cleaned the church and did all the yard work.

As a young married couple we voluntarily lead the youth group and a traveling young married's worship team.

By the time we had kids, we were ready to begin to volunteer in whatever age group they happened to be in at the time.  (It didn't take long for me to see this was NOT my gifted area!)

As so we moved on to the Board of Trustees, Sunday School leaders, my hubby to the Elder board and the rest is history.

Despite the volunteer heavy upbringing I had - I never expected others to serve.  Just because I had been taught to didn't mean others were, so it didn't upset me when they didn't, although I knew they were sacrificing a HUGE blessing.

But these past 17 years at Crossroads - I think I've seen the most unbelievable things, behind the stage not on it.  The quiet people that serve and don't care if anyone ever knows... I find them fascinating!!  Maybe that's why my favorite Bible stories have always been the ones about the under-dogs, the unexpected heroes!!

Don't get me wrong - my whole position on staff revolves around the up-front ministries and the amazing Godly people that are gifted to serve there.  I adore them!

But, that volunteer that no one knows about - they're very special too.  They volunteer out of obedience and don't need to be checked up on, they're faithful and honest and just as important as the most well-known among us!  And Crossroads is what it is today largely due the the tremendous volunteers we have cleaning, and greeting, and making sure we're secure, and providing child-care/teaching, and parking even in the winter and making coffee, and singing and running tech areas and helping in the office during the week...I could go on and on but I'll just say this...

Those of you who volunteer at Crossroads and serve with a joyful heart - will share in the eternal reward and celebration of every soul that comes to know Christ as a result of stepping through our doors!!

Thank you - I love you all!!

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