Monday, July 1, 2013

everyone is asleep

Vern was too tired to wait for me to finish!
By the time I sat down tonight to write - everyone is asleep so no one is reading!

If no one is reading is it worth writing?

Why do I write?  Is it for me or for you?  Would I write if no one read?

I started out writing just to report what was going on mostly at Crossroads.  But it's turned into more.

It has become an important way to form my thoughts into words, to make sense of things I've been thinking about, a place to discuss things that need to be figured out and a place to celebrate incredible blessings that need to be shared.

So tonight when no one is reading, it kind of just puts my day to rest.  I write this as the very last thing I'll do with the day the Lord has given me, a day I'll never have the opportunity to live again, a day that I pray brought
Him glory.

And now, I am also going to sleep.

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