Thursday, July 4, 2013

freedom IS free

Funny how the world's version is completely opposite from God's....

As I was happily preparing for an amazing evening with friends and family - regardless of what the weather does, I was thanking the Lord that I was born in America and thanking Him for the ridiculous abundance in every sense of the word that I daily experience.   I was also thinking of the countless brave men and women who have given their lives and in some cases parts of their bodies and even their emotional health in the fight for my freedom.

Our freedom in America was definitely NOT free.  As I thought on these things I realized the exact opposite was true in Christ.  My freedom in Him was completely free TO ME.

He calls us to Him and all we have to do is accept Him.

He took care of the cost, mankind had to do nothing, in fact there is nothing we could do to earn our eternity.  He gives it.

Will we always enjoy such abundant freedom here?  I have no idea - it does feel like freedom is being challenged as never before, as if their's a slow leak dripping - seemingly unnoticed by most.

There should be no fear of this in Christ - prayer is what our response should be!   Today we just need to be fully focused on the privilege of another free day.  We should live thankful and serve Him on this beautiful, day that God has granted us!  I pray you'll have an amazing day of celebration!

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