Tuesday, July 9, 2013

being a parent

Eric, Alyssa and Garra

Alyssa and Jocelyn

Aaron and Jocelyn being interviewed by tv station

Eric and Jocelyn working on Student Ministry stuff

Jocelyn testing out the Crossroads vintage accordian

I could not be more proud of my kids - though not perfect they are amazing.

And now on top of the two of them,  you add their spouses - who are straight from God-  and I'm completely swept up in thankfulness to Him.

As I write my son and daughter are both with the Crossroads Student Ministry Mission trip.  They are serving the Lord and they are building into Crossroads' next generation.  Breathtaking....

From time to time I get asked what the secret is to raising kids that love the Lord.  It is simply this -
they must see you love Him.

Not from time to time, not when things are going well, not when it's convenient to go to church, they must see you love Him always.  They must understand that what they believe and who they follow matters, even when they are young.

They must see He is your life and they must see that you make mistakes and are not perfect but that God forgives and longs to offer His grace.

You can talk until you are blue-in-the-face about what they should and shouldn't do, but, if they don't see a consistent Christian walk in you or someone else they look up to in their lives,  they cannot understand.  Or at the very least, it will take them longer to truly understand it.

As our daughter and her hubby prepare to leave us for a year - we believe they have been divinely chosen to go for a year serving the Lord full-time overseas.  We praise Him!

As our son and our daughter-in-law prepare to lead the next generation at Crossroads as well as introduce the next Biddle to the world, our lives could not be more blessed or more full.  In Him we rejoice and are thankful.  We praise Him!

Being a parent never ends, it just goes through many changes and it keeps you on your knees!

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Unknown said...

Right on Lori! I have experienced the same sense of responsibility and the same blessings raising our children; now grandchildren. How can anyone attempt such a task without the strength of God?