Saturday, July 6, 2013


Last night was not a good night - I had a seizure in my sleep...

Don't call me I'm fine and resting!

Being out-of-control is something I'm not used to.  It doesn't feel good and makes me sad.  It also gives me much more empathy toward those who suffer from on-going health issues.

This is only my second one in a year-and-a-half and it's a night time seizure which I'm VERY thankful for - many people have night time seizures and never have one during the day.  The doctor says unless they occur more often then 6 months medication is optional.  I had a ton of tests the first time which revealed nothing abnormal - my guess is it's hormonal and stress induced.  So I'm going to pursue it with a doctor that exhausts all natural treatments, diet and hormonal imbalance.  We'll see.

Today I'm just resting and asking the Lord to reveal anything I need to change in my life to live more healthy and focused, and I will obey.

At Crossroads among the staff - we always say 'there must be something big coming' when the enemy seems to be attacking or distracting us with sickness or other junk.  Several of us on staff are battling issues and health stuff right now so please pray for our Crossroads' staff - but mostly pray that God's will be done in all of us!!

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