Monday, July 22, 2013

my day off

I LOVE my day off - just took care of a few work-related details and now I'm of my very favorite things to do!

This little guy caught my eye on the side of my house...he is God's little garbage man!

The God of the universe knew in His connected - dependent on one another - creation that there needed to be this ugly creature!

Here is why God created them -
In a nutshell, slugs are good for eating things; they eat all kinds of stuff, and some can eat more than their weight every day. (so can I)  Among the foods slugs consume are animal feces, carrion, centipedes, fungi, algae, insects, worms, lichen, green plants, and even other slugs.

While they look all mushy and soft, slugs have some pretty impressive weapons to help them eat, these weapons including a sharp jaw and mouth, and a radula inside the mouth. The radula is like a ribbon with thousands of teeth.


So if I could describe my day so far - I would say I'm trying to be very observant - and not miss the simple things around me instead of charging along full-speed-ahead!  I could get used to this!

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