Sunday, November 7, 2010

weekend report

Tough weekend - but I feel God was honored and God was worshiped!

AND Christmas was officially launched today at Crossroads - the pictures show our amazing Go Missions team creating the 800 Adopt-A-Child gift tags that begin to go out next weekend!

This has been such a great opportunity for our congregation. We started partnering with a local established organization in our area that makes sure the identified neediest children in our area receive a bag full of gifts each year. And now just a few short years later we have the privilege of hosting them at Crossroads this year where we will distribute with their volunteers and ours - the entire 800 Adopt-A-Child gifts! So exciting! I LOVE the concept of not trying to dream up our own local mission events when opportunities already exist. This can bring the church alive in your community!

Our setlist:

Opening special -
Announcements: we used our Stewardship Pastor Wendell and his lovely wife Madeline for announcements since we are currently in a Marriage series.
Worship: I Exalt Thee - Jesus Culture
Worship: More Than Enough - Tomlin
Praise: Short portion of Our God - Tomlin
Praise: Free To Run
Message: Re-Think Marriage: Pt. 2 Sex - Pastor Tim Armstrong
Exit song: More Than Enough

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