Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a very important conclusion

I had the privilege yesterday of walking into an unexpected meeting. I had been ironing in my bedroom and didn't realize there was a meeting going on in my living room

It was The Gun Show - our sons band. They are an extremely hard metal Christian band - often misunderstood because of their unorthodox music. But a more determined group I have never known.

As I walked out, the meeting I interrupted was a prayer meeting. This prayer time went on for a very long time and the passion with which they talked to their heavenly Father was almost more than I could take...I of course honored their privacy and passed through the room quickly and drove away.

As I drove my heart was warm and I thanked the Lord for my son. I came to a very important conclusion - these young men will reach a people group for the Lord that I would never have any access to. So I too prayed as I drove away - for their safety - for their faith to continue to grow and for no compromise, ever.

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