Friday, November 12, 2010

learning new things

I am sure it's got something to do with my age, but lately I "have a hankering" (quote from Deering Dyer) to learn new things!

Tomorrow I get to take a leadership class instructing how to use the Logos program - which will be a resource that will help me to create my small group studies and make sure my writing and Biblical discussion is accurate! I cannot wait to begin using this program!

The next new thing I am considering is taking an art class of some kind. I have been interested for quite a while in cement work (not large items) more like cement bowls and pots - much more practical to get into than creating pottery on a wheel and firing it - even though that's probably my favorite artistic area.

But if I could do anything I wanted to, regardless of the time involved, it would be to write and publish a book. I probably would have to quit my job to ever make that happen - and that's not gonna'll just have to see. Meanwhile I'm going to see if there are just some local writing courses at the branch or on-line!

So...what are you learning? If money or time wasn't an issue what would you do?

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