Monday, November 8, 2010

my day off

With the economic struggles we are currently experiencing, advertising is something that requires careful consideration.

On one hand if you do not advertise you cannot attract the customer and on the other hand you risk spending money that you may not recover.

Just today I received a really extreme piece of advertising. I sent for some coupons and what I got was a packaged game with pieces that contained different facts about pasta on each one. You are supposed to toss the pieces into the bowl and pick out one at a time. Now I hardly think anyone would be bored enough to sit around and play this little game - but I was completely interested in the work that went into this piece. It had to be assembled by hand then put into the neat little box it arrived in. This kind of assembly had to be very expensive.

Very creative, but worth it? I cannot even tell you what pasta company it came from even after studying it - so I am thinking it might not be a great investment! When it's all said and done it's all up to the product to sustain the advertising.

I would say this went just a tiny bit too far to advertise pasta!

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