Tuesday, November 16, 2010

my mission

I don't know what God will say when he examines my response to the charge to go into the uttermost parts of the world...I understand that as a church our tithe goes to reach this responsibility, and I understand that it is not just talking about going as a missionary overseas.

But, if God examines attitudes and He does, then how does he feel about mine?

I have often been critical of the old model of missions where the only way it was considered missions was to physically go overseas or at least directly pour all available funds into something far away.

Going is good, I am planning to go to Cambodia next spring - and giving so that orphans and widows are cared for is good, but even better than that may be when they are taught to provide for themselves and taught how to stay healthy both physically and of course spiritually. When you see this begin to happen I believe that we may be much closer to the charge the Lord gave. Equipping. Sometimes it doesn't help much just to go and meet a current need and leave again. Lasting change and ongoing involvement helps more! I worked at the Welfare Department (old name) before going into full time ministry, and I can tell you giving without training accomplishes no change.

We have an opportunity over the next couple of weeks at Crossroads to help build a permanent orphanage in Cambodia for our Crossroads Orphans simply by buying candles. We will be selling candles for $22.00 each. These are the highest quality candles I have ever seen! PLEASE consider buying these for Christmas exchange gifts OR as a business if you usually give gifts to your employees or business partners! $11.00 from each candle goes directly into the orphanage fund!

The Crossroads Go Mission's team thanks you so much for caring for our orphans! May your family have a blessed Christmas!!

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